Saturday, February 4, 2012

And the Critic says...

I live with a food critic - well, a wannabe food critic.  He's picky about what he eats and not afraid to offer up a little criticism now and then.  Which is probably why I cook/bake so much.  I'm always trying to get him to fall in love with whatever I make.  This has made My Critic very spoiled.  So much so that when we go out to eat, it usually leaves much to be desired.  But last night was different.

We decided to go to a premature celebratory dinner at the Borgata in AC and ended up at


We ate in the front part of the restaurant, the Tavern.  Which is a little more laid-back and not too pretentious.  The menu was small, but well represented.  We started off with the Chinois Salad with Spicy Cashews and Sweet and Spicy Chinese Mustard Dressing ($16).  More than enough for two people, the couple next to us immediately regretted getting two for themselves.  It was very fresh and crisp, with an almost-slaw-like texture.  The dressing was perfect-not too much, not too little.  And the flavors were outstanding.   Oh the bread!  I almost forgot the bread.  The bread basket was delivered and featured 3 different types - a pretzel-type roll, a sweet roll that reminded me of my fav King's Hawaiian, and the best - a focaccia-like bread covered in caramelized onions and bacon!  This was a nice treat after just eating at another upscale AC restaurant where the bread boy rationed out a dense cold roll-forget about asking for two!  Next we decided on the Margherita Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella, Basil and Tomato Sauce ($14), which is made in the wood fired oven.  I know you're probably thinking 'why a Margherita pizza with all those other choices?'  We like to establish a baseline-very scientific, I know.  But you can't imagine how many places can't get a Margherita pizza right.  So, if they do, we know it's safe to order, say, the Spicy Chicken Pizza with Roasted Garlic, Peppers, Onions and Cilantro next time :)  And if we hadn't ordered three beers, it would have been comparable (price-wise) to any other not-so-tasty casual chain restaurant that we are sometime forced to patronize for lack of better options.

So to wrap it up, My Critic says: Excellent service, outstanding food. We can't wait to go back!

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  1. I hope Wolfgang Puck Restaurant sees this review...they might just hire both you add 'your Critc'. Looking forward to many posts!