Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Supper Club = Success

Nothing angers me more than going out to eat, expecting the food to be good, it turns out to be awful and then you have to still pay for it!  This has happened to us more often than not, and we always leave asking ourselves, "why didn't we just cook at home?"  I had an idea there were people feeling the same way so I rounded up a couple of fellow foodies and we started a good ol' fashioned supper club.

The idea is simple:  Gather some willing friends who love to cook/eat and pick a host. The host chooses a theme and menu, makes the entree, and the others make the remaining dishes.  It's pretty much a guaranteed success, especially with my friends - we are all pretty passionate about food.


We made the pasta. From stratch.  By hand.

The Cacio e Pepe was amazing-so amazing that we forgot to photograph it.  

Oh, Arancini

I sent everyone home with homemade lemon gelato in chinese takeout containers (nice touch, right?)  Our first Supper Club was a huge success.  We couldn't have done it without each other - big thanks to everyone, you know who you are :)

We all look forward to many more shared meals together and new friendships along the way!


  1. Great idea!!! I wish I wasn't living with my parents so that I could do that with my friends, but they don't usually cook so I think either I look for a job that pays a home and some new friends or I won't be able to throw a successful supper club ever! hahahaa

    1. Oh you'll get there - dont rush growing up and taking on more responsibilities! But if you're ever in Southern NJ, stop on by!! LOL

  2. I'm so hungry for that pasta again! It was the best time, and it's just going to keep on growing! ;) here's to many, many more!