Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesdays with Dorie: Bagels

I've been gone from TWD for too long.  Every time a new month came I'd tell myself this was the month I'd get back into it.  First it was going to be for the Biscotti, but then I read they were just okay.  Then I saw the Berry Galette and time got away from me.  Then Fall came and I was in pumpkin-mode so I though I'd quick whip the Pumpkin Cranberry Bread. Think again. That's like a 3-day recipe!

So I finally had a free weekend and decided to make the Bagels.

I took some advice I read on P&Qs and shaped the bagels after the first rise.  

The process of boiling and baking was fairly easy - I just wish I could have fit more than 4 bagels in the water at one time.  

I topped half with sesame seeds.  I really had no expectations for these.  I just needed to say I was back in with TWD.  And I thought, wow, this is a lot of work for bagels and I probably wouldn't make them again.  Then I tasted one.  Woah.  They had a thin chewy layer outside and chewy air-filled bread inside.  I only ate one and took the rest in for the guys at work.  I served them up with Nutella and Apple Pie Jam I recently got at the Philly Food Swap.

I would make these again.  But only if there were people around to eat them fresh out of the oven.  I wasn't sure how they held up the following morning.

If you'd like the recipe check out our host at Heather's Bytes!

So for the make-up post, what did I miss in the last 4 months that I should get to baking??


  1. Glad you enjoyed the results of your baking! Well done on the delicious bagels!

  2. Your bagels look great! Nutella and Apple Pie jam sound perfect with these.

  3. Yay welcome back! These look great!

  4. Your bagels look great! I'm sure your co-workers were very happy. :)

  5. Your bagels turned out great, and I love the sound of that jam. I found that the next day, my bagels were still pretty good, but by day two they had gone off the boil.

  6. It's fun to be able to share projects like this with others :-)
    Great bagels!

  7. Welcome back Lauren! Your bagels look great. And I am jealous of your loot from the Philly Food Swap. Apple Pie Jam sounds awesome!

  8. I'm so glad you loved them... and hope you'll be baking them again...like me!
    The bagels you made look beautiful and "the guys" at work will soon be asking for more...be ready :-)