Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesdays with Dorie: Hungarian Shortbread

I did it again.  I waited until the night before to make the recipe.  But lucky for me this one was easy.  I was surprised by the picture of Hungarian Shortbread in the cookbook.  It's 2-layers of sweet shortbread with jam in between.  I had planned on using store-bought jam, but my friend Amy made Strawberry-Rhubarb jam today and shared a jar (Thanks, Amy!!).  It was so yummy.  I probably skimped adding it to the shortbread, because I wanted to save some.

Amy's fabulous jam!
There's a pound of butter in this recipe.  That scared me a bit.  I swear I'm thinking of a BJ's membership just for butter and flour.  I divided the dough into 2 logs and only made one tonight.  I'll save the other for another time.  The recipe calls for a unique way of handling the dough.  The dough is placed in the freezer to harden, then you grate it into the pan.  Since I don't have a box grater (seriously?), I shredded the dough in the food processor.  Thank goodness for the Ps & Qs section and that great idea!

Another tip in the Ps & Qs was to bake the first layer by itself (I did 20 minutes) - this proved to have worked well.

Here's the finished version!

I LOVED it.  It was so crunchy with a bit a chew and the jam really made it. 

And My Critic says:  MMMmmm, that's good.  But I'd prefer a non-fruit version.   Can anyone help him out with suggestions?  I've still got that other half of dough to use :)

For this week's recipe, please check out Lynette of 1smallkitchen and Cher of The not so exciting adventures of a dabbler...  And take a look at all the shortbreads here.

Come back in 2 weeks for Pecan Sticky Buns.  Oh my.  More. Butter.


  1. Uhi... for the next recipe you'd better plan well in advance. I've gone carefully through it today and it seems a huge amount of work, reading and understanding! Wow what a challange!!

    Sorry, back to your Shortbreads: they look fantastic and so yummy.
    You said you don't like jam: I've just read a post by another fellow baker that she has used Nutella. Maybe this could be your solution!
    All the best

  2. I know.. the butter in the two recipes is scary.. I did see someone on the group use nutella...how is that for a non-fruit version??

  3. Lovely job on these! Non-fruit...you could do a nut filling? The nutella does sound good. I was thinking of a layer of "manjar blanco" which is similar to dulce de leche. Hopefully you'll find the right one!

  4. mmm anythin chocolate in the middle would be good...nutella maybe? I waited til the last second too. :)Your shortbread looks delicious! Glad you baked along this week!

  5. Your shortbread looks so pretty. How wonderful that your friend gave you a jar of homemade jam to use.

  6. looks amazing! really well done ;)

  7. May is butter month, isn't it?
    We used strawberry rhubarb jam in ours as well. So yummy :-)

  8. Contemplating that question..., I saw someone used chocolate. I know it is crazy, but what about a layer of marshmallow? That would be totally different from fruit or chocolate and yet it would spread. I can't guess how it would taste.
    Your cake looks great. And I love your salt pig (especially his ears). I have been looking for something like that.

  9. It was absolutely delicious!!!

  10. I just read a version with salted caramel. Definitely my next try at this yummy dessert!

  11. Yours looks so great! Also, I nominated you for an award :) http://redheadcuisine.blogspot.com/2012/05/versatile-blogger-award.html

  12. So nice you could use your friend's jam for this recipe - I totally understand skimping on it, too, in that case.